The feather bird is a Melbourne based gender neutral children’s clothing label offering a range of fun and playful basics that can be worn by all babes. At the feather bird we are passionate about gender equality and the importance of facilitating this in our children from birth. We believe that encouraging kids to wear whatever they want in whatever colour they desire, and allowing them to play with whatever they chose, are important steps towards creating a more equal future.

The idea for the feather bird came about after we identified a gap in the market with gender neutral children’s clothing. Gender neutral children’s clothes are becoming more prominent in today’s fashion industry however, we have noticed that gender neutral children’s clothes typically fall within one of two categories: 1) ranges using whites, greys and earthy tones; and 2) bright patterned t-shirts with feminist slogans and prints. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love these categories however, when shopping for our mini bae, we have struggled to find a range of everyday basics in our favourite bright pastels that can be worn by all kids. And so…we decided to make them!

Our range is designed, developed and manufactured here in Melbourne. Our label uses classic designs in fun and exciting colours that we hope will be worn by babes of all genders. Made from organic cotton, not only will our clothes look great and feel soft on your little ones skin, but they are also gentle on the environment. Our clothes are fun and playful whilst also being classy and comfortable for everyday wear. They are designed to be handed down from child to child and family to family, as our classic designs won’t date!

We are passionate about protecting the environment which is why we do not use any plastic in the packaging of your orders. All orders are wrapped in eco friendly tissue paper and posted out in 100% compostable mail bags.

Our name:

When coming up with our brand name, we knew we wanted it to be relevant to what we are about, gender equality. As well as children’s clothing being heavily stereotyped, nursery rhymes often contain traditional gender stereotypes with the male characters being the dominant controlling character and the female characters the weak and helpless. One of the few nursery rhymes that challenges this stereotype, is The Feather Bird (Fitcher’s Bird) by the Brother’s Grimm. In the Feather Bird, an evil wizard abducts three young sisters to be his wives and despite trying to control them and keep them hostage, they work together and save themselves. We love that this nursery rhyme challenges the usual gender stereotypes in nursery rhymes and challenges traditional gender roles. We couldn’t think of a more perfect name for our brand.

We hope you love our first range as much as we do!


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