At the feather bird we care about the impact that our brand and our product has on the environment, and we know how important it is to preserve our precious environment for the future of our babes, which is why all of our garments made from organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown using far less water than non-organic fabrics, and crops are not treated with pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms which are harmful to farmers, wildlife and the environment. Organic cotton is also softer and more gentle on the skin of our babes. All our garments are gender neutral so they are designed to be handed down to between siblings regardless of their gender to get maximum use and wear.

At the feather bird we have also taken steps to ensure that we are respecting the environment when sending out your orders and therefore, we do not use any plastic in the packaging of your orders. All of our items are wrapped in eco friendly tissue paper, and posted out in 100% compostable mail bags.

Our garments are ethically made here in Melbourne. Our manufacturer is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia so you can rest assured that the people making the feather bird garments are being treated and remunerated adequately for their work :)